Our Leadership Team

Dr. Ari Levy, Founder & CEO

Dr. Ari Levy is in the business of helping people live better. Focused on the intersections of neuroscience, immune-physiology, and allostatic load (wear-and-tear on the body), his work and research is redefining the way we think about managing and building health and personal well-being. He believes that sustainable change to one’s health is within reach, if the appropriate structure and plan are put in place.

Ari earned his undergraduate degree in History and Sociology from Emory University, his MD from the University of Illinois College of Medicine, and his MBA at the University of Chicago. As a physician, he redesigned a clinical practice and helped build an offsite clinical facility through the University of Chicago’s Program for Personalized Health and Prevention. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded Engaged Health Solutions, a Chicago-based health and well-being company serving clients in a wide range of industries.

Lisa Magnuson, Chief Brand Officer

Lisa Magnuson is a communications expert and brand storyteller. With 13 years of experience in communications strategy and brand purpose, Lisa has helped major consumer brand and non-profit organizations leverage communication, storytelling, and customer and employee engagement to drive business results and brand affinity. Her background with major consumer brands like McDonald’s and GAP brings a consumer-centric approach to healthcare.

Lisa is known for her ability to use creative and compelling brand storytelling to engage audiences and drive results. With a passion for purpose-driven culture, she believes that tying business objectives to opportunities that address societal needs will inspire action and build successful businesses and stronger communities. She is highly regarded as a trusted advisor, coach, and mentor.

Marc Greitens, Chief Operating Officer

Marc Greitens specializes in developing and operating enterprises. For the past 15 years, he has led growth and turnaround initiatives for early stage and mid-sized organizations across a wide spectrum of industries, including personal health, transportation, real estate, and e-commerce. Most recently, Marc served as the Chief Operations Officer for Engaged Health Solutions, a Chicago-based health and well-being company serving clients in a wide range of industries, managing the day-to-day business and developing strategic plans.

Since 2000, he has worked as an editor of numerous academic, nonfiction, and business publications. He has worked with a variety of nonprofits throughout his career; most recently Marc was a Sourcing Council member for A Better Chicago, a social venture philanthropy organization.

Amaya Ortiz, Director of Programming

Amaya Ortiz brings nearly 10 years of program and event management, accounting, and office administration experience to her role as Director of Programming for SHIFT. Most recently, she served as assistant controller and office manager for Engaged Health Solutions, working directly with staff and clients to ensure successful implementation of company priorities.

Previously, Amaya served as Program Director for the World Affairs Council, overseeing all aspects of cultural and business programs. Her strong project management, organization and interpersonal skills are critical to the success of program execution and member engagement.

Our Values

Integrity. We are committed to our mission and each other. We do what we say we’re going to do.

Tenacity. We approach our lives and our work with drive, determination, and a growth mindset.

Quality of Life. We believe everyone has the right to thrive—physically, mentally, emotionally, personally, and professionally. At SHIFT, we improve the quality of life for our members and our employees.

Living With Purpose. We are here to make a meaningful difference. Our purpose drives our actions.

Setting and Achieving Goals. We set, track, and work toward goals every day—for our members, ourselves, and the organization. The journey and the destination are equally important.