Member Experience

Are you ready to experience real health?

The first step is committing to the journey, and we’re here to help. Here’s how we work together…

1: Identify Gaps

Identify gaps between where you are and where you want to be.

  • Comprehensive exam
  • Family and health history
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Personalized profile

2: Set The Course

Values-based goal setting aligns daily actions and long-term objectives.

  • Review your metrics
  • Outline goals with your doctor and coach
  • Create achievable, short-term milestones

3: Create Accountability

Taking care of yourself requires putting knowledge into action, day after day.

  • A clear path forward
  • Tracking for accountability
  • Consistent communication with your team

4: Do The Work

Your personalized plan includes a unique mix of fitness, nutrition and recovery.

  • Focus on daily habits and routines
  • Ongoing partnership with your coach
  • Monitor and adjust as needed based on progress

5: Get Results

Life is unpredictable, but your health doesn’t have to be.

  • Stronger body and mind
  • Positive health outcomes
  • A healthier, happier, more productive life

Are you ready to