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Individual Members

We offer a variety of membership options to meet your individual lifestyle and needs.


The SHIFT Life Program integrates every aspect of health to deliver a personalized, comprehensive, and supportive experience. Our medical professionals and highly trained staff work with members to define health goals and create the habits necessary to live a healthy, active, and fulfilling life. Board-certified physicians offer members a comprehensive annual physical and 12 months of highly accessible direct primary medical care. SHIFT Life members use the SHIFT facility as their primary place for medical care, fitness, and recovery.

SHIFT Extension

The SHIFT Extension Program serves individuals who live, work, or frequently travel outside of the Chicago area. Extension members receive the same benefits as SHIFT Life members, but do not use the SHIFT facility as their primary place for fitness and recovery. Coaching sessions are conducted virtually, and members receive access to resources and experts online. Extension members have access to their primary care physician throughout the year and receive one day-pass per month for on-site fitness and recovery activities.

SHIFT Primary Care

The SHIFT Primary Care Program is designed for individuals in search of high-quality, easily accessible, personalized medical care. SHIFT’s medical professionals seek to build long-term relationships with members, supporting each individual’s achievement of his/her personal health objectives. Primary Care members receive a comprehensive annual physical and 12 months of direct primary medical care.

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