We believe it is critical to understand where you are when you begin your journey.

SHIFT your Health, SHIFT your Life

We introduce every member to SHIFT with a comprehensive physical and mental Health Assessment to gain a holistic understanding of the current life situation and how we can collaborate to reach real health.

During the one-day Health Assessment,
members receive:

  • Pre-visit consultation with physician, including a personal, family, medical history, personality, habit and lifestyle review
  • Complete physical exam, including, but not limited to:
    • Biometric analyses through laboratory and metabolic testing
    • DEXA body composition
    • Vision screening
    • Audiology screening
    • Pulmonary Function Testing (hand-held spirometry)
    • Dermatological exam
    • EKG
    • Women only (Pap +/- RNA)
    • Men only (PSA)
  • Nutrition Consultation with a Registered Dietitian including:
    • Assess individual nutrition needs including meal timing and macronutrient balance
    • Review nutrient related lab work and discuss medical nutrition therapy needs
  • Fitness Consultation with a Certified Fitness Coach including:
    • Functional Movement Screen
    • Vo2 Max Test
    • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Physical Therapy Consultation with a Certified Physical Therapist including:
    • Video gait analysis
    • Total body strength, mobility and postural assessment
    • Injury Screen
    • PT specific exercise prescription
    • Follow up recommendations
  • Lifestyle assessment and personal goal setting
  • End-of-day consultation with physician to review assessment results and discuss findings, action plans and recommendations

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