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SHIFT is a transformative approach to executive health care delivery where you work with a collaborative team of physicians, dietitians, fitness coaches and physical therapists to make positive, lasting changes in your health and in your life.

SHIFT helps you understand where you are with your health today.

Shift to a healthier, happier you. SHIFT—more than medicine.

Jane Doe

The experience itself is vastly more than the sum of the parts. You are known, you are seen, your priorities and values are honored, and you are liberated because you have the confidence of being truly supported.

Whirlpool Corp / Vice President

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Elements of Service


SHIFT offers research-based, personalized medical care, coordinated by board-certified physicians and health professionals who believe in the integration of healthcare services in order to achieve optimal health.


Our registered dietitians collaborate with your entire SHIFT team to develop personalized nutrition plans that support your health and performance goals. 


We combine advanced field expertise in fitness, nutrition, and recovery to focus your efforts on new habit formation, lifestyle modifications, and productive goal setting.


Engaging in consistent, purposeful exercise creates changes in the brain that lead to more automatic habits, paving the way for greater physical and mental performance. 


To improve our health and performance, mentally and physically, we need to engage in recovery activities of varying modalities to offset the day in, day out wear and tear on the body.

Health isn’t built inside the four walls of a doctor’s office. At SHIFT we create a partnership with each individual member that focuses on progress over perfection and habit-building over quick fixes. We want you to live on purpose and with purpose, while continuing to grow healthier, happier and more productive.

Dr. Ari Levy

SHIFT Founder & CEO

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