Are you ready to change your life?

SHIFT to the support, tools and guidance you need to succeed.

Are you ready to shift your life?

SHIFT is a transformative approach to primary health care delivery where you work with a collaborative team of physicians, dietitians, fitness coaches and physical therapists to make positive, lasting changes in your health and in your life.

We are your ally and your advocate. We care about understanding your challenges. We care about your dreams and aspirations. Our team works together to understand you wholly and completely so that we may create a true partnership based on trust and accountability.

Shift to a healthier, happier you. SHIFT—more than medicine.

Elements of service


Health isn’t built inside the four walls of a doctor’s office. At SHIFT we create a partnership with each individual member that focuses on progress over perfection and habit-building over quick fixes. We want you to live on purpose and with purpose, while continuing to grow healthier, happier and more productive.

Dr. Ari Levy

SHIFT Founder & CEO

The experience itself is vastly more than the sum of the parts. You are known, you are seen, your priorities and values are honored, and you are liberated because you have the confidence of being truly supported.

Joe F.

59, Attorney

Before I started working with SHIFT, I didn’t realize how strong I was. They’ve given me the support and encouragement I needed to push myself to grow in ways that are safe and sustainable. I came to SHIFT looking for a new place to train. What I’ve found has been so much more; it’s my happy place!

Emily S.

39, Senior Partner Commercial Real Estate

Before SHIFT, I was pre-everything. Pre-diabetic, high cholesterol and high risk of heart disease.  The team at SHIFT changed my whole mindset towards health – now I enjoy eating healthy and working out. If you can change a guy like me, you can change anyone.

nick s.

36, Founder & CEO

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