May 16, 2024

Chicago’s Custom Nutrition Coaching for Busy Professionals

by SHIFT Nutrition Team

If you’re one of the many people who have wrestled with the number on the scale or felt run down after a busy day, you’ve probably tried to modify your diet. If so, you’ve also probably discovered that a fad diet doesn’t work. In fact, research indicates that the vast majority of conventional diets fail — some 95% of people who lose weight on a diet gain it back within a year.

Conventional diets tend to include strict rules, pre-packaged meal replacements, and unrealistic calorie restrictions created for the average person. This rarely works for business professionals who require peak mental focus at all times — and who often deal with long hours, frequent travel, and high-stress situations. Furthermore, food restrictions often leave executives grappling with higher levels of hunger, lower productivity, and ultimately more frustration about their health. 

For a nutrition strategy that truly fits the corporate lifestyle, professionals need an intuitive plan that helps them reach their health goals while gaining higher productivity in the office. 

Read on to discover how working with an executive-minded nutrition coach in Chicago can help you reach your nutrition goals faster and in a more accessible, sustainable way.

How Nutrition Impacts Productivity

The demanding schedule of corporate life often leaves little time for planning healthy nutrition. Business professionals often work long hours, which is directly linked to erratic eating habits and a reliance on convenient, often unhealthy, food choices. The constant juggling of meetings, travel, and high-pressure decision-making can result in irregular meal times and frequent consumption of fast food and highly processed snacks. 

This confluence of suboptimal nutrition can lead to energy crashes and decreased mental clarity, creating a vicious cycle that repeats itself. Unhealthy food choices lead to poor productivity due to sluggish energy and brain fog caused by nutrient-poor diets and unbalanced meals. This decreased productivity causes higher demands and leaves little room for meal planning and cooking, resulting in consuming convenient, unhealthy foods again. 

This cycle can hinder your ability to effectively lead or manage a team, ultimately impacting your work/life balance and bottom line.

An Executive Approach to Custom Nutrition and Wellness

Research shows that the best eating plan is one you can stick with. For busy Chicagoland professionals, this means finding a plan that pushes beyond the boundaries of a typical diet plan to build a foundation of long-term success. 

It may seem like a revolutionary idea to incorporate a nutrition coaching journey personalized to your unique needs and lifestyle. However, a team of wellness experts, including registered dietitians and personalized healthcare providers, can offer customized nutrition guidance with relative simplicity that can easily be folded into a daily routine — even for the busiest C-suite executives.

With an expert team of nutrition coaches in Chicago, Fuel U by SHIFT provides custom coaching that aligns with your health goals, medical history, and unique food preferences. The goal is to improve long-term health, high quality of life, and improve body composition by focusing on sustainable nutritional changes and realistic habit-building. 

An Individualized 12-Week Journey with Fuel U

Our 12-week personalized nutrition coaching consists of three general tracks, each focusing on specific goals that support optimized wellness. 

1. Macro Coaching 

The Fuel U program’s macro coaching option is designed for clients who want to pay more attention to how they fuel their bodies and minds, achieve body composition change, and gain a detailed understanding of macronutrient and micronutrient needs and balance. This program includes: 

  • Individualized macro coaching using calorie and macronutrient tracking technology
  • Mindful eating habits that ensure optimal energy throughout the day
  • Meal preparation tips that offer flexibility with your busy schedule
  • Additional nutrient recommendations to help you fuel for peak performance during exercise
  • Nutritional guidance that considers micronutrient needs
  • Suggestions for fuel alternatives to foods that have added sugar, saturated fats, and other unhealthy ingredients
  • Proper recovery fueling for the best possible results from your fitness program
  • Hydration recommendations that support optimal digestion, give you an energy boost and improve your overall fitness performance 

2. Fueling Habits 

Consistent eating habits are challenging, especially when you’re a busy business professional who may not have time for a well-planned meal three times a day. Our Fueling Habits track offers custom support for creating sustainable habits that cater to your individual lifestyle and preferences while ensuring you provide your body with all the necessary nutrients to perform at your best. 

This program is for individuals who prefer not to monitor every calorie but instead focus on high-quality, nutrient-dense whole foods that provide sustainable energy and curb hunger strikes and blood sugar crashes. Even if you frequently travel or dine out, this program ensures you have the resources and tools for optimal fuel, regardless of your situation. 

3. Sports Nutrition

Your athletic performance relies largely on how well you fuel your body throughout the day. The Sports Nutrition program focuses on understanding your unique nutritional requirements based on your fitness regimen and training, optimal timing of fuel intake, and your individual hydration needs. We create fueling strategies to fit your training phases and help you achieve peak performance and feel energized instead of run down. 

Whether you are a seasoned athlete preparing for your next marathon or a newcomer to the gym, the sports nutrition program of Fuel U will help you achieve your fitness goals and maximize the benefits of your training.

The Science Behind Fuel U’s Lasting Success

Fuel U’s lasting success is rooted in science-backed nutrition principles and methods that prioritize fitting into the busy lifestyles of Chicagoland professionals. This includes comprehensive assessments, personalized planning, and continuous monitoring, including: 

  • DEXA Scans before and after your 12-week nutrition program. These body composition scans measure your body fat percentage and distribution, which indicates your overall health and longevity. Getting a DEXA Scan before and after your Fuel U journey can give you an accurate picture of your health transformation.
  • An initial nutrition assessment will thoroughly evaluate your current dietary habits and nutritional needs.
  • Custom wellness strategies with an evidence-based fueling plan that helps you develop sustainable healthy habits and achieve weight loss goals.
  • Ongoing Fuel Plan adjustments to support your progress and account for evolving challenges in your life.  
  • Extensive resources and education from our SHIFT Registered Dietitians, created to help you improve your digestive health, boost your energy, meet your weight loss goals, and achieve peak performance in the gym.
  • Weekly data review and personalized coaching with monthly coaching calls. This will help you meet and exceed your immediate goals while setting you up for a lifetime of wellness. Your data can also be shared with your primary care doctor or one of our concierge physicians for more customized healthcare recommendations. 
  • A post-program assessment that showcases your results and sets the trajectory for future wellness. 

Under the guidance of leading Chicago dietitians, Fuel U equips you with innovative tools and expert knowledge that will empower you to adapt swiftly when faced with unexpected challenges that come with being a busy executive — enabling you to stay on course towards reaching your personal health goals.

Long-term Benefits of Fuel U Chicago Nutrition Coaching

Fuel U goes beyond providing healthy eating tips for executives — it aligns your lifestyle with your health needs. Ultimately, good nutrition becomes the most effortless aspect of your life and gives you a springboard for long-term success in staying healthy and living a long, active life. 

Our Fuel U graduates report achievements in the following: 

  • Meeting weight loss goals and easily staying within a healthy weight range without the need for specific diet plans 
  • Strengthened heart health, better immune system, fewer medical conditions, and better management of chronic conditions
  • Improved body composition that indicates optimal overall wellness
  • No need to seek out additional diet help in Chicago or find other weight loss centers in Chicago 
  • Sustained improvement in fitness level and sports performance 
  • Greater stamina and energy levels 
  • Better sleep, reduced stress, and feeling more rested and more focused during the day 
  • Ability to sustain healthy eating habits and weight management
  • Improved work performance due to high energy levels and clearer thought 

The Fuel U program by SHIFT is one of the best ways to work with a nutritionist in Chicago and is designed for anyone, from older professionals to younger entrepreneurs. 

Where to Find the Best Nutrition Coaching in Chicago 

Whether you’re aiming for body composition changes, sustainable lifestyle improvements, or athletic performance optimization, Fuel U is here to guide you every step of the way toward a healthier and more empowered version of yourself without interfering with your hectic schedule or causing more stress. 

Achieving optimal health with dietary guidance created exclusively for you will also significantly impact your professional success by enhancing productivity and improving your focus. Ultimately, this can help you manage stress, maintain sustained energy levels, and make sound decisions with clarity and confidence like never before. 

At SHIFT, we’re committed to helping busy business professionals prioritize their health without sacrificing precious time away from work, social life, or home life. By providing custom-made fitness and nutrition plans in connection with 24/7 concierge medicine, we can ensure that you’ll get a one-of-a-kind experience that will transform your life, improve your work-life balance, and give you a greater ability to meet the demands of a challenging professional environment.

Ready to reach your weight loss and wellness goals with custom nutrition coaching and health assessments with our concierge healthcare team in Chicago?

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