Employer Programs

Are you giving people what they need to perform at their best?

Are you a CEO or HR professional who is exploring better options for your business? How are you measuring the health of your key leaders? Customize your company’s executive health offering and speak with one of our representatives today.

SHIFT is more than just sick care. Through our corporate and executive health programs, we connect every employee of your business to someone who understands who they are, where they are at and what they need to thrive. At SHIFT, we have modernized the traditional executive physical to not only address health concerns, but also present your employees with actionable guidance to build new habits and in turn, create healthier lives for themselves.

We are conveniently located in the River North neighborhood of Chicago and serve individuals, executives, and key employees of Fortune 500 companies and privately held employers across the country in a variety of ways.

Executive Physical

Our comprehensive annual health assessment addresses major health matters and provides you with critical quantitative and qualitative data beyond a typical Executive Physical. With all testing and diagnostics generally completed in one day, you will receive all results and discuss findings with your physician day of. Following this review, physicians and specialists work in partnership with you to develop personalized and comprehensive plans of action to achieve health goals. Learn more.

Medical Care Referrals

In situations where Executive Health Program members find themselves in need of specialized medical care, we work to identify the medical experts and professionals capable of providing the high-quality care our members deserve and expect. We believe in connecting you with the best medical specialists –irrespective of healthcare system affiliation — to receive the care and expertise you require. Going beyond traditional concierge medicine, our care team works closely with you to coordinate care and advocate for the most effective course of action.

Internal Medicine

Post assessment day, members of the Executive Health Program have the option to receive 12 consecutive months of access to SHIFT’s primary care physicians to discuss any health related matters, including specialist referrals, acute care circumstances, and other topics. With lower doctor-to-patient ratios, you will enjoy greater access to your physician with personalized and expedited service. Ask us about offering this to your team.

Integrated Health Planning

In the simplest terms, our mission is to build strong health habits and create positive health outcomes for each member. Our team analyzes quantitative and qualitative data to formulate clear and practicable recommendations that address health issues and concerns.  From there, we provide access, interaction and ongoing support through direct primary care, expert second opinion, telemedicine, and specialty referrals. Our year-round upgraded Life and Extension programs will ensure your employees have an expert partner who guides and supports them through structure and accountability to make lifestyle changes that are habitual and a routine that becomes easier with each passing day.

Customized Programs

We bring innovative healthcare solutions to businesses of all types. We seek partnerships with companies looking to invest in the health of employees at all levels. SHIFT customizes a program to meet the needs of your business and your employees, including on-site and near-site care. Contact one of our corporate account representatives today to explore additional options for your business.