Meaningful Movement

When it comes to fitness, planning, accountability, and a strong community lead to better outcomes and stronger commitments. We believe in the power of habit in reaching your goals. Engaging in consistent, purposeful exercise creates changes in the brain that lead to more automatic habits, paving the way for greater physical and mental performance. We establish routines for you that are sustainable, straightforward, effective and efficient.

Health Assessment

Making physical activity a part of your daily routine is essential for building and maintaining health. SHIFT’s experts work in collaboration with you to design sensible fitness plans based on your personal health goals and physical abilities. By varying the intensity, duration, type, and frequency of workouts, our coaches empower you to make gains in all areas of physical health, including cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, strength, speed, and agility. These plans also account for existing medical conditions, specific goals, eating habits and recovery activities to ensure safe and consistent progress

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Discuss your personal health goals and learn how SHIFT’s personalized, integrated approach to managing and building health can get you to where you want to be.

We offer coach-directed small group classes for our members six days per week in our River North location. Our group fitness programming focuses on strength, cardiovascular endurance, high intensity training, mobility, and recovery. Expert fitness coaches design programs for our members to help them move better, based on elements of muscle hypertrophy, endurance, general physical preparedness, circuit training, mobility, stability, and recovery. All classes are scalable and adapted to suit all ability levels.

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After working with my coach, I look at health and wellness in a whole new way. It’s inspired me to put in extra effort throughout the day and take the stairs instead of the elevator.


58, Business School Professor

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