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The solution to unlocking your true golf potential.

The TPI Golf Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of a golfer’s physical fitness and golf-specific movements, designed to identify any limitations or areas of improvement that may be impacting their swing mechanics and overall performance.

program description

TPI Golf Assessment

Day 1: Assessment

  • Goals/injury history discussion
  • Physical screening to assess your overall fitness, including mobility, strength, and balance. The tests are designed to identify any physical limitations that may be affecting your ability to perform a proper golf swing.
  • Swing speed and power testing is used to evaluate your performance and how it compares to other golfers in your age group.
  • Video swing analysis is used to capture various aspects of your swing like posture, alignment, movement mechanics, and club path.

Day 2: Overview of Assessment Results & Fitness Plan

  • Review connection between test results and swing mechanics
  • Explanation of individualized fitness plans
  • Daily mobility routine demonstration


Fitness & Mobility Training

  • All clients are provided access to the MyTPI phone application. Through the MyTPI phone application, clients can view their Daily Mobility Routine with detailed instructions, as well as their TPI Assessment results.
  • After the initial Assessment, additional Fitness & Mobility Training Packages are available for those that are looking for hands on support to improve their golf game. Training programs are customized based on your individual needs with a focus on mobility, strength, and power.


Includes 8 fitness & mobility training sessions, additional sessions available for $150/session

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improve your golf game

SHIFT TPI Golf is a program designed to improve your physical fitness and golf-specific movements, ultimately enhancing your performance on the course.

The SHIFT TPI Golf program involves a comprehensive assessment of your physical fitness and swing mechanics, followed by a personalized training program tailored to your specific needs.

Who can benefit from this program?

  • Aging Golfers
  • Injury Prone Golfers
  • Competitive Golfers
  • Any golf-enthusiast interested in improving his/her game!

learn more about the titleist performance institute (TPi)

Our Doctor of Physical Therapy, Scott Robin, is certified to deliver the Titleist Performance Institute Screen (TPI). The experts at TPI compiled 20 years’ worth of high-level research to better understand how the best golfers in the world move. Scott uses this data to help amateur golfers identify key physical limitations that impact swing mechanics. The TPI screen is a physical assessment used by the most accomplished golfers around the world and is linked to their success.


18 of last 20 Major championships were won by players advised by TPI Certified Expert


25 of the top 30 players in the world are advised by a TPI Certified Expert


47 of Golf Digest’s ‘Top 50 Golf Fitness Professionals’ are TPI Certified or TPI Advisory Board Members

meet your tpi-certified coach

Scott Robin is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a passion for the game of golf and human movement. He blends his knowledge of golf and sport performance with his physical therapy background to provide expert coaching. Scott has been TPI-certified for two years but has been helping to treat members of the golf community for much longer. He works with clients of all ages and experience levels and understands how to adapt training plans to accommodate individual differences.

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