Individual Memberships

Build habits to produce positive, lifelong health outcomes with a team of experts you trust

We bring multiple disciplines together aggregating and personalizing the delivery of knowledge, resources and support, to build positive habits and elevate the human experience. Led by subject matter experts in medicine, health, habits, fitness, fuel, and recovery, the SHIFT team assesses, analyzes, and creates plans specific to each individual member.

Member Experience


Identify Gaps &
Set the course

Identify gaps between where you are and where you want to be.


Do the Work

The SHIFT team will monitor your progress, communicate feedback and adjust the plan as needed to keep you on the path to real health.



The SHIFT team will help you reach your goals through hands-on coaching and a partnership based on trust and support.


Get Results

Healthier, happier and more fulfilled. SHIFT will get you where you want to be.

Individual Plans

Plans to meet your lifestyle and needs


Integrating every aspect of health – medical care, coaching, movement, fuel and recovery – SHIFT Life members receive a comprehensive and supportive experience. As a SHIFT Life Member, you will partner with a Lead Coach who will guide you through goal planning and support you throughout your membership tenure. This membership includes all Primary Care Membership Services plus full access to onsite fitness and nutrition program services, recovery services, and periodic progress testing.


Ideal for people who live, work or frequently travel outside of the Chicagoland area. SHIFT Foundations Members have access to their primary care physician throughout the year. As a SHIFT Foundations Member, you are assigned a Lead Coach who will guide you through goal planning. You will receive customized, virtual fitness programs and nutrition coaching sessions as well as a one-day pass per month for on-site classes and recovery activities.

Primary Care

Ideal for people seeking access to high-quality, personalized medical care. SHIFT’s board-certified internal medicine physicians offer an enhanced level of concierge medical service and seamless communication with external specialists and providers. As a SHIFT Primary Care Member, you will receive a comprehensive health assessment, one year of direct primary care, easy/hassle-free access to physicians, and same-day appointments.

Assessment Day

Because SHIFT’s relational care is immersive, science-based and data driven, each member begins with a comprehensive health assessment to help design a path to achieve real health.