October 4, 2016

Innovative Healthcare Service Breaks Ground In Chicago

by real health Blog

SHIFT, a Chicago-based start-up spearheading an innovative approach to healthcare, has officially broken ground for its first facility in Chicago’s River North neighborhood at 750 N. Orleans St.

With plans to open its doors to members by early 2017, SHIFT will provide a fully integrated approach to healthcare by bringing together board-certified doctors, dedicated coaches, fitness trainers, nutritionists, and recovery specialists under one roof. Through collaboration, these experts will provide a personalized, science-based program for members to build and maintain real health.

“Breaking ground marks a milestone in our journey toward helping the people of Chicago understand and experience how real health feels,” said Dr. Ari Levy, founder and CEO of SHIFT. “Today, there are more doctors, more gyms and more diet plans, but people continue to get sicker. That’s because achieving and maintaining health requires more than an occasional doctor visit or workout session. What we call ‘real health’ takes real work, and our team is dedicated to ensuring every member who walks through our doors has the support needed to achieve his or her health goals.”

Members will receive high-quality medical care from their doctor, but with greater attention and easier access than traditional primary care. An initial medical visit includes a comprehensive health assessment after which members collaborate with their physician, coaches, and other specialists to create a personalized roadmap to real health. To ensure accountability, members will be paired with a dedicated coach who supports the habit-building practices that lead to healthier, happier, and more productive lives.

Dr. Levy’s vision for SHIFT is based on his more than 10 years of experience as a practicing internal medicine physician, personal trainer, and coach to executives and athletes. Through his experiences, he developed a strong belief that shifting focus to a more preventive and holistic approach to healthcare produces better outcomes and healthier people. He believes that by bringing together the elements of medical care, coaching, fitness, nutrition, and recovery in the right environment, SHIFT members will have an improved ability to process stress while strengthening their bodies and their minds.

“As with any new idea, it has taken tremendous dedication and commitment to make this dream a reality, but we believe people in Chicago and beyond are ready for this new approach to care,” said Dr. Levy. “We’re excited for what lies ahead in the coming months and to begin a real health revolution in Chicago.”

Along with several other amenities, the bi-level facility will feature a full medical suite, functional training room, yoga studio, recovery center, state-of-the-art locker rooms, and café. Those interested in learning more about SHIFT and becoming a member should visit http://www.shiftlife.com for more information.

Credit: Cision – PRNewsWire

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