May 30, 2024

Macro Coaching: A Deep Dive into Precision Nutrition

by SHIFT Nutrition Team

Despite effective marketing strategies, popular diet plans often overpromise and underdeliver. People who dive head-first into these fad diets, hoping to see significant weight loss and changes in body composition, not only find themselves let down by results but have a tendency to return to poor eating habits.

These quick-fix fad diet-type plans all have something in common — they’re engineered for the masses. This means they focus on getting fast results for the general population instead of developing a personalized plan that sets you up for long-term success. This is why so many high-level professionals who initially lose weight with cookie-cutter diet plans end up feeling unsatisfied, regaining weight, and getting stuck in a vicious cycle of dieting. 

Conversely, macro coaching takes a highly personalized approach that includes working with licensed wellness experts, such as registered dietitians, to create a nutritional strategy that fits your busy schedule so you can achieve and sustain optimal health. 

Continue reading to learn how taking a precision approach to nutrition can help corporate professionals achieve long-lasting weight loss results, along with a myriad of additional benefits. 

What is Macro Coaching?

Macronutrients are essential nutrients the body needs in large quantities to function properly. Consuming optimal proportions is necessary for energy regulation, muscle gains, digestive health, and overall wellness. Micronutrients are essential vitamins and minerals that are needed in smaller quantities for proper bodily functioning and disease prevention.

There are three macronutrients:
1. Fat

2. Carbohydrates

3. Protein

Taking the distribution of macronutrients into account, macro coaching is an evidence-based approach to nutrition that goes beyond what any ordinary dieting can do. With a highly personalized macronutrient strategy, you can fuel your body with the right amounts of fat, carbohydrates, and protein to help you achieve your body composition goals in a healthy and sustainable way while also witnessing a positive impact on all aspects of your life and career. 

Benefits of macro coaching include:

  • Adjusting your macro targets for better workout performance and improved strength training recovery. 
  • Creating a sustainable calorie deficit while ensuring a balanced intake of macronutrients to promote fat loss rather than muscle loss.
  • Balancing your macronutrients to provide steady energy levels throughout the day, avoiding spikes and crashes.
  • Improving your blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and other biomarkers as recommended by your primary care doctor.
  • Structuring your fuel times for optimal hunger management, which then prevents overeating.
  • Taking a flexible approach to fueling that can be maintained long-term instead of a restrictive diet that can’t be sustained.

Whether in back-to-back meetings, traveling, or managing a team, macro coaching teaches you how to make mindful eating habits the easiest part of your day and keeps you on top of your game. The first thing corporate professionals need for a sustainable health transformation through macro coaching is to find the perfect balance of macros that is consistent with their unique lifestyles and goals.

How to Find The Macro Balance 

Finding the right balance of macronutrients may be the most important part of macro coaching — but it certainly doesn’t need to be the hardest. A registered dietitian will follow a specific strategy when creating a custom wellness plan: 

  1. Calculate your basal metabolic rate using a standardized equation that factors in your age, gender, height, weight, and muscle mass. This determines how much energy your body uses when you are at rest.
  2. Consider your daily schedule and workout routines to adjust your macros for your activity level. This ensures that you’re getting enough fuel for an even amount of energy throughout the day and that you know how to adjust for changes in energy if needed. 
  3. Understand your body composition goals and how they affect your daily macro goals. Your registered dietitian (RD) will adjust your macro targets to create a modest calorie deficit to elicit consistent weight loss without leaving you feeling deprived or losing gains in the gym. 
  4. Proportion your macros to ensure you get enough calories from protein, carb, and fat sources for overall health and disease prevention. 

Analyzing your current lifestyle and dietary preferences is the best place to start when it comes to balancing your macros. From there, you can build a personalized nutrition strategy that fuels your high-octane days and gives you optimized wellness and a high quality of life. 

How Healthy Habits and Macro Coaching Impact Corporate Productivity 

Not only can balancing your macros help you achieve your weight loss goals more efficiently, but it can also increase your productivity by helping you: 

  • Balance your blood sugar levels so you can move through your day without feeling hungry or having extreme cravings, which can impact your decision-making.
  • Improve your fueling efficiency so your workout routine has an even greater impact on your muscle strength and cardiovascular health. This will allow you to recover optimally and recalibrate your focus on your work.
  • Have the flexibility to eat foods you truly enjoy and adjust your nutrition to meet the changes in your workday without derailing your progress.
  • Manage and control chronic medical conditions resulting from poor nutrition or high BMI to optimize your health and perform your best.
  • Achieve mental clarity that allows you to manage your team better and improve your business decisions.
  • Reduce your stress levels by regulating cortisol production and increasing dopamine production.
  • Sleep better and keep up with your demanding schedule.

Personalized Nutrition Coaching in Chicago: The Best Way for Busy Executives to Track Their Macro Intake

As a busy business professional, the last thing you want to add to your day is blindly counting calories. A huge benefit to macro coaching is understanding exactly how food fuels your body and, more specifically, what fuels you the best. That way, you can make fueling decisions quickly and remain in control of your macros even when your day doesn’t go as planned. 

A huge benefit of macro coaching for busy professionals is that it gives you the knowledge to make informed decisions about your nutrition in any given situation, even when your day doesn’t go as planned. The most effective way to accomplish this is to partner with a Chicago dietitian with high-level experience, creating personalized healthy eating tips for executives

Working with a dietitian in Chicago can facilitate your nutrition coaching journey in a way that is unique to your personal goals and easily adjusted to fit your day-to-day schedule.

Where to Get Macro Coaching and Personalized Nutrition Coaching in Chicago

Busy executive leaders already have enough on their plate without adding the weight of calculating macros and learning how to fuel themselves for long-term success. Working with an expert nutritionist is the best way to ensure your macros are balanced with the precision and accuracy you need to meet your goals most efficiently and sustainably. In fact, professional dietary guidance and custom wellness strategies are directly linked to improved weight and nutrition behaviors. 

There are several weight loss centers in the Chicago area — but only one offers comprehensive macro coaching with concierge healthcare and registered dietitians who specialize in working with corporate executives. At SHIFT, you can get diet help in Chicago that is fully customizable, including macro coaching plans optimized by our in-house Chicago dietitians and personalized healthcare providers.  

As part of our concierge healthcare membership, our expert team will prioritize your health with personalized macro coaching that meets you wherever you are in your health journey and guides you to your ultimate health and body composition goals.

Ready to take a personalized approach to weight loss with custom nutrition guidance that improves your health and productivity? 

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