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Real Health, together.

SHIFT offers high-quality, easily accessible, personalized medical care, coordinated by board-certified physicians who believe in the integration of healthcare services to assist individuals in achieving Real Health.

SHIFT members have access to the following medical services:

Comprehensive Annual Health Assessment

SHIFT’s comprehensive annual health assessment addresses major health matters and provides patients with critical quantitative and qualitative data. With all testing and diagnostics generally completed in one day, members receive:

  • Pre-visit consultation with physician, including a personal, family, and medical history review
  • Complete physical exam, including, but not limited to:
    • Vision/audiology screening
    • Dermatological exam
    • Assorted musculoskeletal tests
    • Physical fitness assessment
    • Neuropsychological evaluation
    • Biometric analysis
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Lifestyle assessment and personal goal setting

Members receive their assessment results and discuss findings with their physician. Following this review, physicians and specialists work in partnership with members to develop personalized and comprehensive plans of action to achieve health goals.

Request a Consultation

Discuss your personal health goals and learn how SHIFT’s personalized, integrated approach to managing and building health can get you there!

Internal Medicine

SHIFT delivers internal medicine services through a direct primary care model, offering members easy access to physicians and medical staff, extended appointments, and timely communication about important health matters. Our approach emphasizes preventive care, continuous and collaborative health planning, and comprehensive treatment of acute medical needs, as well as chronic health conditions. At SHIFT, we believe that excellent care is compassionate care. Our physicians and medical staff seek to understand our members’ needs, address their specific health concerns, and to provide them with the professional service, expert knowledge, and personalized care they deserve.

Care Coordination and Referrals

In situations where members have specialized medical care needs, SHIFT works to identify the experts capable of providing the high-quality care our members deserve and expect. SHIFT connects members with medical specialists from the best healthcare systems in order to ensure they receive the advanced medical care and expertise they require. SHIFT’s medical team works closely with individual members to coordinate and advocate for the most effective course of action.

Female athlete having a VO2 test with a VO2 mask on her face, electrocardiogram pads attached, pulse rate 168 BPM, treadmill

I believe the healthcare system absolutely needs something like SHIFT. Here, you have a doctor who thinks about his patients and wants them to be well in every possible way. He realizes medical care can and must be more than a once-a-year checkup where you are told about the importance of diet and exercise.”

– Betsy M., Member