July 22, 2019

Recipe of the Month: Vanilla Mixed Berry Yogurt Pops

by SHIFT Admin

Each month, our Registered Dietitians will be bringing you a healthy recipe that can be easily integrated into your nutrition plan. This month, Lauren Hoover breaks down her Mixed Berry Yogurt Pops that are a great option for those blistering summer days! 

These frozen yogurt pops are are easy to make, customizable, and rich in protein. Start with greek yogurt or iclandic skyr (I love the Siggi’s® brand). Try to choose a brand that has less than 10 grams of sugar. I would also recommend avoiding the 0% fat versions (the pops don’t come out as well without the fat). I added my own honey and fruit to sweeten, but feel free to adjust to your preference and taste!

One of the best parts about these pops is that the flavor combinations are endless! Here I blended in some blackberries to the Mixed Berry 4% yogurt, and then layered in some blueberries before topping off with the Vanilla 4% yogurt. Feel free to add other fruits, mini chocolate chips, peanut butter, mint extract, or whatever sounds good to you.

The other great part about these pops is that they are a good snack option or after-dinner treat. At SHIFT, we recommend incorporating a lean source of protein into snacks to help make them more satiating. Each of these pops is about 100 calories and contains approximately 7 grams of protein. (Note: The nutrient make-up will change based on the type and brand of greek yogurt or skyr you use.)



Vanilla Mixed Berry Frozen Yogurt Pops Recipe

Makes: 10 pops


3 (125 g/4.4 oz.) containers Siggi’s® (or alternate brand) Mixed Berry 4% yogurt

3 (125 g/4.4 oz.) containers Siggi’s® (or alternate brand) Vanilla 4% yogurt

¼ cup blackberries

3 T. Honey (or other sweetener to your preference)*

½ cup blueberries


1.        In a blender or food processor, blend together the Siggi’s Vanilla 4% yogurt with 1 ½ T. honey until well blended. Set aside and clean blender.

2.       Next, blend together the Siggi’s Mixed Berry 4% yogurt with ¼ cup blackberries and 1 ½ T. honey until well blended.

3.       Fill up popsicle molds** one-third (1/3) of the way with the Mixed Berry Yogurt mixture (I added to a plastic bag and piped into the molds to make it easier).

4.      Next, evenly distribute the Vanilla skyr mixture in the molds on top of the Mixed Berry skyr

5.       Lastly, evenly distribute any remaining Mixed Berry skyr to top off the molds.

6.       Insert popsicle sticks and freeze overnight


*Can be adjusted based on your preference and taste.

**I have a silicon popsicle mold that makes 10 pops (from Amazon). Silicon molds work great for releasing the pops, but any type of popsicle mold will work fine!

Nutrition Breakdown:


Amount per pop (1/10th of above recipe)



103 calories

Total Fat

2.7 grams

     (Saturated Fat)

1.8 grams

Total Carbohydrates

10 grams


7 grams


7 grams



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