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Rebuilding. Restoring.

Recovery is a vital factor in the Real Health equation, but it is often overlooked and undervalued when we are working to improve our health and performance, both mentally and physically.

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Discuss your personal health goals and learn how SHIFT’s personalized, integrated approach to managing and building health can get you there!

SHIFT specialists share active recovery tools and techniques as they guide members through periods marked by intense activity as well as those designated for rest and rejuvenation. Hydration, sleep management, meditation, massage, and physical therapy play important roles in the process of active recovery and in the larger pursuit of personal health goals. By giving the mind and body the necessary time and resources to recuperate, we reduce risk of injury, develop higher stress tolerance, enhance future fitness performance, and maximize energy levels, among other positive health outcomes.

“Building recovery into your plan gives the body the time it needs to adapt to the positive stress of exercise and replenish energy, helping you achieve the best possible results.”

– Dr. Ari Levy, Founder and CEO of SHIFT

SHIFT coaches work with subject matter experts to ensure members have access to the support and resources they need to recover effectively.