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Recovery is an essential but often overlooked and undervalued aspect of building health. Even as exercise and nutrition help to improve our health and performance, the daily allostatic load (wear-and-tear) of life combined with psychological stress, medical conditions, lifestyle, and environmental factors, can deplete our energy stores and damage physiological functions. To improve our health and performance, mentally and physically, we need to engage in recovery activities of varying modalities to offset the day in, day out wear and tear on the body.

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SHIFT specialists share active recovery tools and techniques as they guide Members through day-to-day life as well as periods marked by intense activity, such as training and competition. These recovery interventions help restore vital functions and produce feelings of being rested and rejuvenated. Hydration, sleep management, meditation, massage, nutrition intake, and physical therapy play important roles in the process of active recovery and in the larger pursuit of personal health goals.

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By giving the mind and body the necessary time and resources to recuperate, we reduce risk of injury, develop higher stress tolerance, enhance future fitness performance, and maximize energy levels, among other positive health outcomes.

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Building recovery into your plan allows your body to replenish energy and repair damaged tissue. It is often overlooked yet can be the most important component of your health plan. You need adequate recovery to achieve the best possible results.


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