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Setting the path. Guiding your journey.

To create the conditions for a long and healthy life, we need more than the expertise and interventions of our medical practitioners. Taking care of ourselves requires more than the knowledge about how to eat well, when to exercise, why to take medication as prescribed, and what constitutes an ideal sleep schedule. It also requires that we put that knowledge into action, day after day, week after week.

That’s why coaching is at the heart of the SHIFT experience. Our coaches combine domain expertise in fitness, nutrition, and recovery with SHIFT’s proprietary coaching methodology, focused on meaningful goal creation, habit formation, and lifestyle modification.

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Discuss your personal health goals and learn how SHIFT’s personalized, integrated approach to managing and building health can get you there!

Coaches take time to know the needs, motivations, concerns, and aspirations of each member. By gaining this understanding, coaches are able to help members discover the connection between what is important to them—their values—and the health outcomes they desire.

“If you’re going to make a lifestyle change, you need people in your life to help motivate you and keep you going.”

– Jennifer M., Member

When people are actively engaged in their health, they are able to see themselves as the real drivers of change.

Each member is assigned a personal coach. Our trained coaches help members establish specific health goals, measure progress, and manage setbacks. Coaches provide the guidance and resources needed to achieve Real Health.