Our Team

Avis Jason

Physical Therapist

As the physical therapist at SHIFT, Avis diagnoses and treats musculoskeletal conditions through observation of movement patterns, hands-on manual therapy and individualized prescription of exercises to restore normal mobility and muscle function. Avis is trained in functional dry needling and Graston technique.

Previously, Avis was a physical therapist treating patients at the Wabash and Kinzie Athletico location. She completed her doctorate in physical therapy at University of Texas at Southwestern. Avis earned her bachelor’s degree in applied physiology and enterprise with a minor in psychology from Southern Methodist University.  During her senior year at SMU, Avis completed an internship at Exos, a company that focuses on proactive health and performance for elite athletes.  It was during her internship that she came to appreciate the value of how a tailored, focused, and comprehensive training and care program can significantly improve an athlete’s performance.

When she is not at SHIFT, you can find Avis at one of the many fitness studios around the city, walking the lakefront, or looking for the best burger spot in town.