Our Team

Tavierney Rogan

Registered Dietitian

As Head of Nutrition, Tavierney oversees the development and delivery of Nutrition services at SHIFT in addition to providing Medical Nutrition Therapy and behavior change coaching. Previously, Tavierney was a sports dietitian for Northwestern’s athletic department, where she provided fueling support for the athletes. In addition to being a Registered Dietitian, Tavierney has a Master’s in Nutrition from Boston University and is a CSSD (certified specialist in sports dietetics).

Tavierney is passionate about helping people fuel their bodies to be their best, whether that be in sports performance, everyday life, or healing from illness or injury. She believes that whole food nutrition is an incredibly powerful tool in feeling great and living life to the fullest. She also understands that nutrition is extremely personal and enjoys working with individuals to find the plan that’s right for them. Tavierney is an avid Chicago sports fan and spends her free time attending sporting events, going to concerts, strength training at SHIFT, and running by the lake.