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Food is fuel.

Our registered dietitians collaborate with coaches and members to develop nutrition plans that support each member’s health goals. With a focus on mindful eating, we empower members to think differently about nutrition and to use food as a means to optimize performance and energy levels.

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Discuss your personal health goals and learn how SHIFT’s personalized, integrated approach to managing and building health can get you there!

Eating well can often be difficult in the context of our busy, on-the-go lives. At SHIFT, our goal is to show members that making choices that nourish their bodies and minds can be easier than they think.

“My coach helped me to be less critical of myself and to become aware of my choices. It’s not necessarily about willpower; it’s about the individual choices you make every day.”

– Mark G., Member

Our facility includes a café with nutritious snacks and healthy on-the-go meal options. Members have access to the tools, tips, and resources they need to incorporate healthy eating into their daily routines.