Food is Fuel.

Our registered dietitians collaborate with your SHIFT team to develop nutrition plans that support your health goals. We empower you to think differently about nutrition and to use food to optimize performance and energy levels.

SHIFT your Health, SHIFT your Life

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Discuss your personal health goals and learn how SHIFT’s personalized, integrated approach to managing and building health can get you where you want to be.

Eat Mindfully

The act of eating releases a powerful influx of bio- and neurochemical responses in our bodies.  By learning to listen to our bodies and to fuel them—with an appropriate balance of nutrient dense foods at specific times based on individual needs—we help to ensure that these responses produce energizing and beneficial effects.  We use our proprietary fueling model to design customized plans that will improve your approach to nutrition and help you learn to fuel with purpose.

Our facility includes a café with healthy fuel options and on-the-go meals. Members have access to the tools, tips, and resources they need to incorporate healthy eating into their daily routines.

Eating well can often be difficult in the context of our demanding and often hectic lives. An important part of our work is helping you make food choices that nourish your body and mind in an easy and sustainable way.

“My coach helped me to be less critical of myself and to become aware of my choices. It’s not necessarily about willpower; it’s about the individual choices you make every day.”

Mark G., 59, Attorney and Partner