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Personalized, research-based fueling programs designed by SHIFT Registered Dietitians.

Are ready to fuel your best with Fuel U?

Learn how to optimize your energy, health, performance, and relationship with food through one-on-one health coaching with one of SHIFT’s Fuel U Registered Dietitians.  

Fuel U is here to provide you with the expert coaching, personalization, and education you need to establish sustainable nutrition habits to be and feel your best. Our registered dietitians employ evidence-based strategies and programming. Separating fact from fad, they meet you exactly where you are in your health and fitness journey.

Trust the experts to guide you in the process of determining what works best for you and your health. Through this process, you will walk away with the education you need to accomplish your goals and be your own health coach.

Fuel U


Fuel U offers the choice of 2, 12-week programs.  Each program is personalized based on YOUR health and fitness goals and YOUR unique needs and history.

Each program includes:

  • Pre- & Post- DEXA Scan
  • Initial Nutrition Assessment and On-Going Fuel Plan Adjustments
  • Extensive Resources and Education
  • Weekly Data Review and Coaching
  • Monthly Coaching Calls
  • Post-Program Assessment

Macro Coaching

Designed for clients who would like to achieve body composition change (e.g., reduce body fat, gain muscle mass, and/or reduce overall body fat percentage). This program achieves body composition transformation through one-on-one coaching and a customized, evidenced-based Fuel Plan designed by a registered dietitian (RD). Your Plan will take into consideration energy and macro- and micronutrient needs, nutrient timing, meal preparation, exercise fuel, supplementation, recovery, and hydration.

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Your Plan will take into consideration energy and macro- and micronutrient needs, nutrient timing, meal preparation, exercise fuel, supplementation, recovery, and hydration. Your RD will work with you to implement your Fuel Plan into your daily life taking into consideration lifestyle, training, and life demands. Your RD will also adjust your plan as needed based on body composition progress and biofeedback (i.e., energy levels, stress, sleep, digestion, training/sports performance).

Macro Coaching requires a commitment to daily tracking and weekly communication by you. To achieve optimal results, we recommend that you accompany your Fuel Plan with a training program that is designed for body composition change. Your RD will communicate with personal trainers and chefs to ensure that all services are working cohesively to achieve your desired outcome.


Fueling Habits

Designed for clients who have health and fitness related goals and seek support with sustainable habit change. Desired outcomes include body composition change, improvement in health-related issues, and/or reduce disease risk (e.g., prediabetes, hypertension,  hyperlipidemia, GI issues). Your Registered Dietitian (RD) will create a customized, evidence-based Fuel Plan to improve your approach to nutrition, transform your habits, and empower you to fuel with purpose.

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Fueling Habits is ideal for those not interested in tracking every calorie consumed and is especially helpful for those who dine out frequently or often have someone else prepare their food. We provide a convenient way for you to communicate your daily fuel and habits, while also receiving weekly coaching from your RD. 

Our RDs are behavior change experts and approach health improvement and goal achievement through our behavior change model, the SHIFT Goals Process. With this method, we work with you to establish new behaviors, building upon habits incrementally rather than attempting to overhaul your entire diet at once. By prioritizing habit change instead of quick results, you achieve long-term outcomes in overall health.   


Fuel U

Areas of Specialization

  • Medical nutrition therapy (including, but not limited to: prediabetes/diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure, food allergies and intolerances, IBS, IBD, autoimmune diseases, gout, oncology support, pre- and postnatal)
  • Sports nutrition
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Competitions/races
  • Martial Arts
  • Preparing for an important event (wedding, trip, celebration etc.)
  • Improving your relationship with food / breaking the cycle of ‘yo-yo’ dieting

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