February 14, 2020

Inside the Assessment: DXA Scan

by SHIFT Admin

One important element of our Assessment day is the DXA body scan. Our physicians, coaches, and dietitians use the BodyLogic™ scan on our Hologic® DXA to gain precise data about body composition changes, visceral fat calculation, and bone density information in order to develop personalized health programs that address each Member’s individual needs and goals. In addition, the low-level radiation dose of the scan enables our SHIFT team to monitor a Member’s body composition changes over time.

The DXA scan has become an invaluable tool in delivering innovative and effective healthcare for healthy weight loss, enhanced athletic performance, and overall better health.

To schedule your assessment, email us at services@shiftlife.com.

Inside the Assessment” is a blog series which will highlight some of the important elements of the SHIFT Member Assessment Day. This comprehensive assessment is at the core of our member experience and provides members critical qualitative and quantitative health data that they can use as a starting point to building real health.


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