June 25, 2019

5 Tips for Navigating Summer Eating

by real health Blog

Warmer weather has arrived and with it brings a lot of opportunities to sabotage your health goals. Barbecues, picnics, boating spreads, happy hours, baseball events- the summer fun never ends. While these events are an important part of a healthy and balanced life, it can be easy for indulgent meals, mindless snacking and sugar-filled drinks to throw your goals off track. Our SHIFT Dietitians have put together a few tips to help you enjoy your summer AND stay healthy in the process.

Remember, food is FUEL. Focus on mindful eating and use the nice weather as a reason to get outside and get a little extra exercise. Stay connected with your SHIFT team and communicate when challenging events are on the horizon. We will offer support and accountability and help you build strategies that will promote balance in your life. Above all, enjoy the sunshine- we could all use a little extra Vitamin D!


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